Individual Solutions

Freedom to Stay at Home

Patients recovering at home have the freedom to make it to appointments even though they may not be able to drive yet or if their need for a wheelchair prevents a family member or friend from providing transportation.  A call to Elite Care Transports can solve transportation challenges as individuals recover in the comfort of their own home.  

Ability to "Age in Place"

If you, or a loved one, chooses to remain at home as long as possible, having a reliable alternative transportation can make aging in place a possibility.

Sense of Security

Customers, and their loved ones, can rest assured that ECT provides reliable, timely, and well-equipped transportation.  Scheduling transports for physician appointments, dialysis, and other outpatient services is easy with just a phone call.

Improved Quality of Life

ECT can help make arrangements, when possible, to take clients to not only medical appointments but to church, funerals, family gatherings, and other non-medical appointments close to home or some distance away.  Being wheelchair-bound should not restrict someone's ability to be around friends, family, and neighbors.  In fact, these outings may enhance one's ability to thrive during recovery.

Provide Additional Support

ECT provides non-emergency medical transportation all year long, including holidays.  This is especially comforting for spouses, caregivers, and adult children who may be primary caregivers or assisting with care while working full-time or living far away.

Peace of Mind

Being certain that a patient makes all follow-up appointments and treatments (therapy, dialysis, chemotherapy, wound care, rehab, etc...) on a regular basis is critical for quicker recovery.  This not only promotes healing but it allows for close monitoring of someone's well being frequently which is very helpful for someone who lives alone.

Affordable and Customized Service

Unlike public transportation, taxis, and ground ambulance, ECT offers a cost-effective solution. 

In fact, the very reason Elite Care Transports was established in 2007 was the lack of transportation options in Hood County and "back & forth" from the Ft. Worth Hospital District.  And, it's expansion to other outlying counties happened rapidly due to the same "gap" in services - Erath, Johnson, Palo Pinto, Parker, and Somervell counties.

Even in Tarrant County, a densely populated area with a wide variety of services, has transportation system weaknesses, especially with regard to passengers that are medically compromised and/or mobility-challenged.  

In addition, for long-distance, non-emergency medical transportation there are few companies that will travel outside the Metroplex. Elite Care Transports can provide both regional and out-of-state transports.

Transition "To & From" All Levels of Care

ECT serves hospitals, long-term acute care facilities, rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing centers, dialysis and wound care facilities, out-patient imaging, physicians' offices (primary care & specialists), physical therapy, and hospice.

  • From home to all types of medical facilities close to home or in the Metroplex. 
  • To and from the hospital to all levels of care and/or living arrangements.
  • From far away to a care facility closer to loved ones.
  • From rehabilitation to home.

Elite Care Transports can help and ease the worries related to transportation needs.

Elite Care Transports is availablesafereadyavailable whenever you need us...

Thousands of patients have trusted Elite Care Transports for their non-emergency medical transport needs