Our Pricing

Our Pricing

Per Elite Care Transports’s insurance requirements, “walk-on” patients are not allowed from the Emergency Room. All Emergency Room discharges, must be transported via wheelchair or reclining stretcher-chair.

  • Individuals can request quotes.  Payment can be made with cash, by check, and/or by credit card.
  • Corporate contracts reflect various levels of volume discounting.
  • Long-distance trips for individuals and for corporate clients (one-way or round-trip) are quoted separately.

To request a quote, you may call (844)573-9346 or CLICK HERE FOR A FREE QUOTE

Unlike air and ground ambulance service, non-emergency medical transportation for individuals, and for some facility residents, is not covered by private insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. However, some corporate customers do cover the cost of non-emergency medical transportation as a part of the care provided. If you are unsure, please ask a representative from the facility or feel free to ask us.

Payment must be handled in a prompt manner – at time of service or upon receipt of invoice. Without the extra overhead of an insurance/billing department, Elite Care Transports (ECT) can keep pricing more affordable for insured (private & government), self-pay, and the under-insured

For your convenience, Cash, Checks, VISA, Master Card, and DISCOVER are accepted.

Elite Care Transports is availablesafereadyavailable whenever you need us...

Thousands of patients have trusted Ride N Safe for their non-emergency medical transport needs