Transportation Partnerships

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Partnerships Centered Around Care

A Trusted Partner to Hospitals & Care Facilities

The Elite Care Transports team understands that there are a number of moving parts that go into effectively managing discharges and it’s much more than making sure a patient is ready to leave the hospital safely. We’re here to help take a few things off your list.

We know there are a number of important steps that must be completed before a patient can be transitioned to another level of care or back to their home. 

Our team of experts is dedicated to efficiently transitioning patients from in-patient to outpatient status to help hospitals and senior care facilities handle the increased numbers of patients, especially during periods of flu and pneumonia. 

Since 2015, Elite Care Transports’ “average” monthly response times have remained under 1hr for transport requests from call to patient pick up. Pre-scheduled appointments run 98-100% on time every day.

For more information or to schedule for non-emergency medical transportation, call our dedicated and compassionate team today at (214) 380-3936.

Elite Care Transports Serves a Variety of Corporate Customers

Elite Care Transports has a wide variety of corporate customers, including:

Why Partner with Elite Care Transports?

We Serve Patients often refused by other Transportation Providers. Elite Care Transports can handle mobility-impaired passengers with medical complications. Those requiring extra attention may:
Dispatch will ask about these and other concerns when scheduling the transport. Then they will match the appropriate van and staff accordingly.
For more information, call our friendly team today at (214) 380-3936.

Decreased Costs

Compared to in-house facility resources and other outsourced providers, ECT can help deliver savings for many facilities with:

Increased Staff Productivity

Facilities are busier today than ever. Elite Care Transports works diligently to streamline the transport request process and avoid any delays in transport that affect care.
This means that staff has more time to manage other facility-based tasks. They do not waste time:

Peace of Mind

Follow-up appointments and treatments (therapy, dialysis, chemotherapy, wound care, rehab, and more) are critical for quicker recovery to improve someone’s quality of life.
The Elite Care Transports Team understands the importance of providing timely service, along with compassion, as passengers struggle to overcome injury, illness, or disease processes. As people become familiar with Elite Care Transports drivers, they even request their favorite drivers! Lots of good conversations happen on drives to and from appointments and treatments. Our top priority is to give our clients the best experience possible in an otherwise stressful time. Call us today at (214) 380-3936.