Providing dependable, safe, and cost-effective transportation to those in need.
Expert Non-Emergency Medical Transportation servicing Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Austin, Houston and the surrounding areas in Texas.
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Transportation Service When You Need It Most
Millions of Americans miss or delay medical care each year because they don’t have transportation. Getting to and from medical appointments can be a hassle, let Elite Care Transports, LLC (ECT) make it easy. We specialize in transporting those in need, from students who utilize wheelchairs to seniors who aren’t able to drive on their own.
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Not Just Hospital and Medical Appointments
In addition to medical-related transportation, we also offer transportation to those who need to make a trip to the grocery store, and other errands. Whatever your needs may be, Elite Care Transports has the solution for you. Call our compassionate team today at (972) 370-4215 for more information.
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Our Services

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Non-emergency medical transportation

At Elite Care Transports, we understand that just because you’ve grown older does not mean you shouldn’t enjoy independence and mobility. Our door-through-door service for seniors provides a safe and reliable solution.
Our drivers are certified in elderly patient sensitivity, so you can feel confident that you or your loved one will receive the best care during travel. We take pride in assisting elderly travelers in and out of their homes safely and to their appointments or leisurely trips on time. Whether you or your family member is looking for reliable transportation for grocery trips, to visit friends and family, or long-distance travel, our team is here for you.

Student & Special Needs

Our advanced vehicles and equipment grant easy and comfortable loading and unloading for disabled patients of all ages. Our staff is trained to assist you with compassion, safety, and reliability in any way necessary. Elite Care Transports is here for you wherever you need to go!

Why Choose Elite Care Transports?

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With over a decade of experience in the industry, Elite Care Transports has developed a reputation of dependability. Our dedicated staff members are on time, and ready to serve.
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We know that with every ride you're entrusting us with your life or the life of your loved ones. At Elite Care Transports, we strive to get you to your destination safely every time. From doctor's appointments to grocery trips, our team is here to help.
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Care is in our name because it is one of our biggest values. Customer care is vital to providing top-tier service, and we’re passionate about it. Rest assured that you or your family member will get compassionate service for every ride with us.

We've made over 300,000 trips throughout Texas, helping you and those you love travel safely and on time.